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La Fórmula Bands

Mariachi LF

Mexican Folkloric Music

Charanga LF 

Cuban Salsa - Pachanga 1940's

NuyoRican LF

New York Salsa from 60's 70's

Bachata LF

Dominican Danceable Music

Tango LF

Argentinean Tango Ensemble

Abya Yala LF

Indigenous music from the Andes

La Fórmula Big Band
(40+ musicians) 

Afro-Caribbean Latin Music / Latin - Jazz


Alcaraván LF
bian and Venezuelan Joropo/Waltzes music)

Alabaré LF
(Worship Team by Mayan Community in Cincinnati)


Bolero LF
(Latin Romantic Music)

Brasil LF
(Brazilian Pop and Folkloric music)

Cumbión LF
(Cumbia from Colombia, Perú, Argentina and México)

Merengue LF
(Dominican Up Beat Music)

Septeto LF
(Cuban Traditional Ensemble)

Soukous LF
(Western African Ensemble) 

Turkçe LF
(Turkish Pop and Folkloric Music)


LOS 40 LF (Top 40 hits)
(This is our only ensemble with repertoire full in Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish & English)

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